Speakers: Sanjiv Bhatia, PhD

Sanjiv Bhatia, PhD

Professor and Director of Graduate Computer Science Programs
University of Missouri St. Louis


Dr. Sanjiv Bhatia, a distinguished professor and director of graduate programs in computer science, has dedicated his career to advancing the frontiers of computer vision, image databases, digital image processing, satellite imagery analysis, and algorithms. His profound research contributions and extensive industry collaborations have made him a highly respected figure in the field. With an unwavering passion for cutting-edge research, Dr. Bhatia has published extensively in top-tier journals and conferences. His groundbreaking work in computer vision and image databases has significantly influenced the development of innovative technologies. He has collaborated with leading organizations in both the military and commercial sectors, providing invaluable insights and solutions to complex challenges. Beyond his research endeavors, Dr. Bhatia is renowned for his expertise in system programming. His exceptional work on embedded and real-time applications has resulted in the creation of intricate products and systems that have had a profound impact on various industries. Dr. Bhatia’s dedication to fostering the next generation of computer scientists is evident in his commitment to teaching. He has taught a diverse range of courses at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, inspiring countless students with his passion and knowledge. Furthermore, Dr. Bhatia’s dedication extends to his professional service. He actively serves on the organizing committees of several prestigious conferences and on the editorial boards of renowned journals, contributing his valuable expertise to the advancement of the scientific community. In recognition of his outstanding contributions, Dr. Bhatia has been honored with numerous accolades and awards. He is a Senior Member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), a testament to his exceptional standing in the field of computer science.

AuPAIr: Automated Precipitation Aware Irrigation

The proliferation of urban gardens has created a need for water conservation in a smart manner.  We are currently developing AuPAIr as a tool using computer vision, sensors, and weather data from the Internet to predict the need for planting and water management/conservation for urban agriculture.  We are using a testbed of sunflower plants in a greenhouse to determine the optimal time to water the plants.  The embedded sensors and weather prediction allow AuPAIr to decide the quantity of water to release to maintain optimal moisture level in the soil.  The goal of the research is to develop a predictive model suitable for water conservation in urban settings based on soil type, soil moisture, and local weather conditions while growing healthy plants.  The research utilizes aspects from biology, computer vision, a variety of inexpensive sensors, and geospatial data from the Internet.