Nexus Informatics Conference


Due to the fast-developing events surrounding COVID-19 and growing concern for maintaining our collective health, we have decided to cancel the Nexus Informatics Conference scheduled at Kansas City University for April 16 and 17, 2020.


The Nexus Informatics Conference is a unique blend of informatics perspectives and expertise – industry, academia, medicine, agriculture, technology and biology – a true “nexus”.  Attendees will have opportunities to discover capabilities, share tactical approaches to problem solving, explore synergies, and launch potential collaborations.


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The goals of the Conference are (1) bring together bioinformatics-minded researchers from academia and industry to discover capabilities, share tactical approaches to problem-solving, explore synergies, and launch potential collaborations, and (2) provide an opportunity for bioinformatics students to learn about employment opportunities within the region and employers to meet prospective candidates.

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