Speakers: Plamen Doynov, PhD

Plamen Doynov, PhD

Assistant Research Professor
Physics and Astronomy Department
University of Missouri-Kansas City


Plamen has broad experience and diversified educational background: electronics and electrical engineering, programming and computer sciences, image processing and data sciences. His work as a Principal Engineer at MRIGlobal in Kansas City included the design and development of scientific and very specialized systems with applications in biology, chemistry and biomedical engineering. This variety of projects included the development of systems to study the effects of extremely low electromagnetic fields on humans (USA and Japan) and samples inactivation and analysis during the Ebola epidemic in Africa.
After finishing his Diploma Engineering degree in Sofia, Bulgaria, Plamen conducted studies in the Biophysics Laboratory of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, where he developed a system for electroporation and fusion of biological cells for monoclonal antibody production. During his work as a Visiting Research Scholar at the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC, Plamen completed a Master of Electrical Engineering degree. His interdisciplinary doctoral studies at UMKC included biometrics, image processing, hyperspectral imaging and forensic analysis of historical documents and others. His PhD is in Computer Sciences, Electrical Engineering and Networking. Plamen is also a Project Management Professional, Certified Biometrics Professional, Vision Professional and Data Scientist. Currently, Dr. Doynov is Assistant Research Professor in the Physics and Astronomy Department of UMKC working on projects related to Directed Energy.