Speakers: ZhiQiang Chen, PhD

ZhiQiang Chen, PhD

Associate Professor of Civil Engineering
School of Computing and Engineering
University of Missouri-Kansas City


Dr. ZhiQiang Chen is an Associate Professor of Civil Engineering at the School of Computing and Engineering, UMKC. He has his Ph.D. degree from the University of California, San Diego, 2009. His research fields include civil infrastructure resilience, disaster response, and applications of machine vision and artificial intelligence.


Monitoring Global Flood Disasters from the Space for Community Resilience

In this talk, I will address the notion of community resilience in the context of climate changes, disasters, and their risk posed to civil infrastructure and communities. I will explain how remote sensing and related technologies can contribute to community resilience, risk communication, and decision-making. Several illustrative examples utilizing remote sensing and artificial intelligence technologies will be demonstrated. Technical and operational challenges will be revealed, and potential solutions will be suggested.