Speakers: Lindsey Jarrett, PhD

Lindsey Jarrett, PhD

Principal Investigator
Ethical AI Initiative, Director
Center for Practical Bioethics


Dr. Lindsey Jarrett has extensive experience in program management, research, leadership, and academic writing across the non-profit, academic, for-profit, and government sectors. As a social scientist she has worked to better understand and provide evidence-based interventions, practices, and processes to underserved communities as they interact with the numerous systems (e.g., healthcare, education, community programs) across their life span. Her work as a clinical researcher has improved clinical decision making for providers in the areas of opioid safety, infection control, readmission prevention, maternal mortality, social determinants of health, and post-acute care. More recently, she has broadened her understanding of ethical decision making in clinical research and development and how decisions across the product/technology continuum impact healthcare institutions, those they serve, and society at large. Her work across various sectors has created several collaborative initiatives and projects to positively impact the field of clinical research and assist stakeholders in implementing evidence-based practices across healthcare, education, and program development. Dr. Jarrett holds a PhD in Therapeutic Science from the University of Kansas and currently resides in Kansas City, Missouri.