Speakers: Lindsey Jarrett, PhD

Lindsey Jarrett, PhD


Lead Clinical Researcher


Dr. Lindsey Jarrett is a Social Scientist dedicated to clinical research and has over a decade of experience working in program evaluation across the KC community. It is through this work across the public, private, academic and government sectors that has created the expertise to evaluate products and services to ensure usability of all people.

What We Ought to Do With AI in Healthcare

AI systems are becoming increasingly prevalent in the world of healthcare. These complex tools have great potential to improve health outcomes, organizational efficiency, and patient experience, but they also present certain risks. AI systems have been shown to contribute to the reproduction of systemic bias and discrimination in non-healthcare activities like hiring and sentencing, and it is not unreasonable to assume the same could happen in the healthcare setting, a place where constituents are especially vulnerable and where trust is critical. Addressing these risks will require an understanding of the ethical dimensions of AI in healthcare and a community-wide effort to develop and implement AI systems in healthcare in an ethically responsible way. To this end, in 2019 Cerner partnered with the Center for Practical Bioethics to conduct a community-based initiative exploring these ethical dimensions and improving adherence to a broadly accepted ethical framework. This talk will address preliminary findings from a recent KC based Ethical AI workshop, along with recommendations for next steps and future initiatives.