Speakers: Kari Lane, PhD, RN, MOT

Kari Lane, PhD, RN, MOT

Assistant Professor, School of Nursing
University of Missouri


Dr. Lane’s professional nursing career has spanned 20 years. Her early practice emphasized cardiac telemetry and critical care, with mid-management experience. Early in her career, she sought teaching positions, as she enjoyed working with students and empowering them to grow and learn. Mid-career, Dr. Lane taught at a diploma program (4 years), and associate degree program (3 years) and a baccalaureate online program (7 years). During this time, she also worked in a critical access emergency room as charge nurse and oriented all new nurses to the ER. Dr. Lane says online teaching has been a challenge, and she enjoys seeking the types of technology that assist in supporting educational mechanisms for multiple learning styles.
Personal work experience and family experiences with hearing loss have inspired her to assist those with hearing loss in achieving improved communication experiences. Dr. Lane’s current research focus deals with hearing loss and its many comorbidities. She focuses on technology, including hearing aids and cochlear implants in all age ranges, but with a strong gerontological focus. Other key areas important to her research include: improving communication, working with those with disabilities and health policy change. In addition, as Operations Director of TigerPlace, an independent living facility, Dr. Lane collaborates with the ElderTech Team to deliver emedded sensor technology within this environment. The technology is able to detect early health changes and alert nursing staff for proactive health assessments and early intervention. Dr. Lane’s work focuses on staff education, technology adoption, and implementation of evidence based practices.