Speakers: Douglas Marthaler, PhD

Douglas Marthaler, PhD

Associate Professor
Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
College of Veterinary Medicine
Kansas State University


With over 10 years of experience in veterinary diagnostics, virus diversity, and phylogenetics, Dr. Marthaler has extensive knowledge on Next Generation Sequencing and viral evolution. While his initial research investigated co-infections and molecular epidemiology of swine Rotavirus A, B, C and H, the research program has expanded to understanding the emergence, evolution, and epidemiology of both enteric and respiratory viruses. The research team uses a multifaceted approach to perform cutting-edge research on host-pathogen interactions, leading to improved diagnostics and vaccines. Currently, the research team uses bioimmunoinformatic and classical immunology to investigate B cell epitope and the relationship with the immune response to control rotavirus infections. .