Speakers: Chris Ragland

Chris Ragland

Chief Executive Officer
Animalytix, LLC


Chris Ragland is an experienced Senior Executive with 30+ years of success in the global animal health industry. Chris spent his first 20+ years in industry working with two multi-national animal health companies, Hoechst Roussel Vet where he held several assignments including Global Portfolio Director for Medicated Feed Additives and Production Drugs in Weisbaden, Germany.

In 2000, Chris joined the Akzo Nobel subsidiary Intervet, where he served as Director of Market Development, Vice President of Commercial Operations and President of the US affiliate, Intervet Inc. Following the sale of Intervet to Schering-Plough in 2008, Chris has engaged in a series of entrepreneurial ventures, the most notable of which is Animalytix LLC, the animal health industry’s primary provider of geo-located market insight sales information.

Chris currently serves as CEO of Animalytix, LLC and holds positions on a number of other boards and industry associations.

Lighting the Path … a Journey to Insight for the Animal Health Industry

In the year 2009, the US animal health industry, which is broadly defined as vaccines, pharmaceuticals, supplements, medicated feed additives and various supplies for pets, horses, livestock, and poultry, was largely underserved with respect to market information.

At that time, there were no empirical resources available for the hundreds of animal health manufacturers and distributors by which to assess competitive market positions, sales potential or sales force effectiveness for the thousands of field sales representatives serving what was then a $6B+ industry.

A collaborative effort among industry stakeholders lead to the creation of Animalytix LLC, the industry’s first comprehensive market insight services provider in 2010.  A decade later, Animalytix now provides $11B+ in annual animal health industry sales reporting for the US and Canada and assists hundreds of manufacturers, distributors, veterinary practice groups and ag retailers in assessing the development of markets, relative competitive positions, and the effectiveness of sales force deployments and marketing strategies.

Animalytix … a resource for the animal health industry, created and maintained by industry stakeholders for the betterment of vendors, customers, and the communities they serve.