Speakers: Badri Adhikari, PhD

Badri Adhikari, PhD

Assistant Professor
University of Missouri St. Louis


Dr. Badri Adhikari is interested in investigating the application of deep learning to various health and bioinformatics problems. His current focus is on studying the capabilities, limitations, and interpretability of deep learning models.

Effective Visualizations aid Bioinformatics Research: Examples From the Domain of Protein Structure Prediction

Effective data visualization can play a critical role in bioinformatics research. Visualizations can often be crucial for exploratory and explanatory analysis, particularly for complex data such as three-dimensional structures of proteins. Visualization and analysis are even more critical in this era of deep learning models that are not easy to interpret. In this talk, I will illustrate some examples of effective data visualization from protein structure prediction and discuss how they may have played an essential role in the recent progress in the field. I will end my talk by discussing some of the well-known principles of effective data visualization, including using colors effectively, focusing on the data, making visualizations naked, and using images effectively.