Speakers: Anurag Patel

Anurag Patel

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
Abada Health


Anurag is the CEO and co-founder of Abada Health, a health analytics and data privacy and security company. We specialize in cloud-based data access and linking so that healthcare can collaborate with partners in a HIPAA compliant process without losing control of their data. He is vision driven in the belief that everyone deserves good health. His current mission is served by his experience in clinical work, clinical and health education research, healthcare systems, health data security, machine-learning based pattern building in EMRs, Clinical Decision Support tools, and vulnerability indexing using SDOH data. His current work stems from using data analysis in population level health data to identify interventions to increase health outcomes or decrease cost of care. Using vulnerability indexing helps build equity in the outcomes that are achieved. In other words, Anurag is driven to have better health care delivered in equitable, valuable, and effective ways to help all of our neighbors.

Don’t Get Mad, Get Even!

The SARS-CoV-2/COVID pandemic exposed many gaps in health care infrastructure. Those gaps, like many other issues in the last few years, exacerbated the increase in those gaps through the use of technology, or the lack there of. Early into the pandemic, many guidelines, policies, and suggestions were made with little support and guidance given on how to first test for COVID and later sign the population up for their vaccines. The approach was piecemeal, the processes had inefficiencies when there weren’t enough resources to go around, and throughout the pandemic, those that were most vulnerable were helped last in line. I’d like to share how a group of public and private organizations and citizens got together to help build and implement a solution that allowed for data sharing to help prevent ineffective work and promote better outcomes and equity. We learned more from our failures, but it was those efforts that led to meaningful successes that can be built on for the future.