Our Story

There is a significant opportunity for the region to organize the bioinformatics expertise and infrastructure in support of human and animal health research.

There is an abundance of competitive informatics assets within BioNexus KC’s Stakeholder organizations and surrounding region to address a wide range of research questions across multiple disciplines.

While regional assets are comparable qualitatively to those of the benchmark institutes, such as the Broad Institute and University of Washington, the assets are located in institutions scattered across a 250 mile geography between Manhattan, KS and Columbia, MO.

This website represents an information clearinghouse regarding bioinformatics capabilities and expertise to leverage assets supporting collaborative research. BioNexus KC directed a study regarding bioinformatics resources found in the Kansas City region that was funded by the Ewing Kauffman Foundation.

Our Assets

Computational capacity and people capable of manipulating, analyzing, and visualizing large data sets are critical needs for informatics research.

The BioNexus KC stakeholders possess a diverse array of computational capabilities paired with groups of data scientists conducting scientific research across multiple fields. These considerable assets, however, are institution specific, difficult to identify, and represent unrealized opportunities for academic and private sector partnerships. To bring light to the resources available, we have cataloged bioinformatics hardware assets and available expertise to facilitate regional collaborations. For those interested in careers in bioinformatics, educational programs are listed.






Children's MercyKSUKU Medical CenterKUU of MUMKC



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Nexus Informatics Conference

April 25-26, 2024

The Nexus Informatics Conference will bring together informatics-minded researchers from academia and industry to discover capabilities, share tactical approaches to problem solving, explore synergies, and launch potential collaborations.





Articles and stories highlighting regional informatics experts, research, and companies.